Deluxe provides production services in Thailand and Vietnam to commercial, television and film production companies and photographers

By now most people know that Thailand is the production hub of South East Asia and the best place to film in the region. You’ll find a surprising array of locations within a 2-hour radius of the city, along with a complex of sound stages that are world class, art department capable of producing magic on demand, excellent stunt, rigging teams, choreographers and talent, and great catering along with decent coffee on set. There are stunning beaches in the south, and mountainous rain forests in the north, and bringing it all together is the incredible Thai crew and state of the art film equipment.

Our experience encompasses productions of every kind including car, beauty, lifestyle and kid's commercials, as well as photo shoots, music videos, feature films and documentaries. We find the best solutions for every budget and adapt to clients' needs and preferences, while making sure your stay and shoot in Bangkok and Thailand is a happy and successful one.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite work that we’ve produced in Thailand over the last few years. Enjoy.